WHAT IS THE O2 Wellness System?

O2 Wellness System in 30 a minute session, combines 10 powerful technologies delivering ultimate holistic approach and wellness. It is fast and effective!

The combination of perfectly sequenced modalities gives a gentle yet incredibly powerful session, boosting energy and detoxifying body on a cellular level. It is seven times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals and environmental toxins than a heat or steam sauna.

According to research it increases metabolism and heart rate, stimulating the cardiovascular system. It improves oxygen utilization and respiratory efficiency by dissolving plaque and increasing circulation. Blood and lymphatic circulation improves overall health systems, due to oxygen delivery on the cellular level. This process enhances mitochondrial function and increases ATP production resulting in more energy. Using O2 System, it burns up to 30% more calories and improves O2 absorption.

ANTI-AGING / DETOX / WELLNESS Defined by the lifestyle, cellular stress level and nutrition absorption. Anti-Aging process can be slowed down by optimizing oxygen absorption and eliminating free radicals. Overall oxygen in the liver and the gut, seem to balance the gut and the brain efficiently improving cognitive function. The O2 Wellness system also stimulates collagen synthesis and firms tissues’ 􏰵 cellular regeneration, improving skin conditions.

WHOLE BODY HYPERTHERMIA Endocrine and digestive systems thrive on healthy body temperature and its synchronization! Hyperthermia is believed to elevate mitochondrial function and decreasing muscular contracture, relieving tension and pain. It is also believed to increase metabolism by disposing lactic acid and plaque and facilitating faster recovery.

CO2 / CARBONIC ACID Carbonic Acid increases blood flow, enhancing oxygen delivery at cellular level. It seems to stimulate warmth receptors in the skin, while inhibiting the cold ones. It calms the central nervous system. CO2 within helps reducing stress and pain as anti-inflammatory compound.

FAR INFRARED Infrared component increases blood circulation, reduces pain in the damaged tissues. It seems to deliver oxygen into inflamed area while breaking up acidic buildup. It helps neutralizing blood toxicity and softening arterial walls. Patients with hypertension, osteoporosis, joint and muscle pain have also reported some relief.

LED LIGHT & COLOUR THERAPY Colour therapy has been used for centuries to calm stress. Violet: calming fears, anxiety and the nervous system. Indigo: positive effects on the body’s seven senses. Blue: repairing small cuts and burns, fighting infections, viruses and inflammation. Green: relieving headaches, ulcers, colds and flu. Yellow: enhancing mental concentration aiding indigestion, heartburn and constipation. Orange: enhancing the entire respiratory system. Red: stimulating blood circulation and adrenaline while promoting energy and blood circulation to the reproductive system.

PEMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy) Invented by Nikola Tesla, has been used in many different healthcare modalities. PEMF uses magnetic fields by pulsing, repairing and energizing cells changing their behaviour in the tissue. PEMFs not a micro-current device, and it is a non-contact therapy. PEMF is not illegal and not considered to be doping! It is used by athletes and people in different age groups for rebuilding tissues and bones.

The FDA has approved PEMF devices for the following: Healing of non-union fractures [1979]; Treating urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation [1998] ; Cervical fusion patients at high-risk of non-fusion [2004]; Treatment of depression and anxiety [2006];

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE O2 Wellness System ensures optimal athletic performance by increasing energy levels, building strength and endurance without fatigue component. PEMF is legal for competitive sports and has been used by Olympic athletes. It boosts energy by maximizing ATP production, optimizing blood and tissue oxygenation. It burns 600 calories per session, turning fat into muscle, and speeding up recovery post-exercise, reducing physical and emotional stress. Athletic performance depends on oxygen delivery and energy supply.

Other benefit include: Higher endurance and stamina; Smart-training and injury prevention; Joint and musculoskeletal support; Skin protection and tone enhancement; Prevention and reduction of varicose veins, swelling & inflammation

PEMF enhances muscle function and regulates cellular metabolism by activating RNA and DNA Synthesis (cellular communication) and stimulating collagen synthesis. PEMF just like oxygen improves the cardiovascular, immune, energy, neurological and endocrine systems. It also speeds up healing and regeneration.


Please check with you family doctor if you qualify to use the oxygen therapy for optimal health. Conditions apply, not everyone is able to use the O2 Wellness System. Safety is always a priority. Guidelines are waver must be followed and signed prior to the session.